Hurst Contempt Actions Attorney

When a judge decides that someone has disobeyed the Court or been disrespectful to the Court, the judge can find that person in contempt.  A judge may issue a finding of contempt when the Court has issued an order, like for child visitation, and one of the parties involved has deliberately disobeyed that order.

When a person has been found in contempt, he or she can be fined or even jailed. Hurst Contempt Actions Attorney Ginger Ann Weatherspoon has experience on both sides,  prosecuting and defending contempt actions.

What are Protective Orders?

In Texas,  protective orders are issued by the Court and require one person to stop harming another.  The Court decides on a case by case basis whether violence has occurred and whether to issue this civil order.  Some protective orders are issued in civil court, while others are issued as part of a criminal case like sexual assault,  stalking or domestic violence.

Although protective orders are civil in nature,  it can be charged as a misdemeanor crime to violate one, or a felony if it is a repeat offense.  Hurst Attorney Ginger Ann Weatherspoon has experience with having protective orders enforced to protect her clients and defending clients who have had protective orders placed on them.

What is a Habeas Corpus order?

A Writ of Habeas Corpus is an order to bring a prisoner before the judge,  when an individual has been imprisoned and believes his rights are being violated.  Hurst Attorney Ginger Ann Weatherspoon has filed these motions to force the State to give her clients due process.

What is a Bill of Review?

Sometimes it is possible to get a new trial by attacking the judgment.  It is an equitable proceeding in which the party states that there was a valid defense but there was a good reason it wasn’t presented.  This is another of the areas in which Attorney Ginger Ann Weatherspoon has knowledge.

What are Writs of Attachment?

Writs of Attachment are court orders to seize assets to satisfy a judgment.  The Court can also use this to freeze a defendant’s assets during a trial,  or bring into court a person who has been held in contempt.   This kind of order can seem impossible to fight.   If this has been directed against you,  you should contact The Weatherspoon Law Firm immediately for a free consultation.

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