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Hurst Divorce Attorney

When it comes to something as emotionally draining as divorce, you need a compassionate Hurst divorce attorney. Learn how Attorney Ginger Ann Weatherspoon can make your divorce smoother with comprehensive, caring legal assistance with custody, property, and separation issues.

Hurst Child Custody Attorney

Divorce is undeniably painful for children, who often end up at the center of bitter custody disputes. The wrong resolution can further harm the children of divorce, who could be forced to grow up under the supervision of an abusive or negligent parent.

Hurst Contempt Actions Attorney

When a judge decides that someone has disobeyed the Court or been disrespectful to the Court, the judge can find that person in contempt. A judge may issue a finding of contempt when the Court has issued an order, like for child visitation, and one of the parties involved has deliberately disobeyed that order.

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