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Awesome and Compassionate

Needing an attorney to help you with family differences is never a fun thing but I can honestly say that Ginger has been very supportive and willing and able to answer all legal questions that arise with our case. She has taken time to explain difficult material and if you ask her a question and she dosent know the answer off the top of her head she researches the information and gets back to you with an answer to your question. She has taken time out during our legal journey just to check on us even when we are not in court she is very compassionate to the sensitivity of our case. She never builds up false hope she always gives you straight forward information in a professional manner. Ginger has never made us feel like just another client but rather as friends. Ginger is top rate in our book if you need a friendly and compassionate attorney who is dedicated then give her a call she is truly amazing, She has renewed our faith in law it is wonderful to know that people who care about people still exsist. Thanks Ginger

- (5 star review)

Best Family law attorney ever

Best attorney there is. She knows the law and will fight until the end for her clients. Always kept me up to date on my case. Even if something I did not want to hear. Honest to a fault. I would never choose anyone else to be on my side. Those who speak negatively did not follow her advise. I would never want anyone else as my advocate. When she realized i could not pay she completed it on principle. Hands down Mrs. Weatherspoon is the cream of the crop. She made me feel like I was her only case and fought for me until the end. All those saying something negative did not follow her advise. I would recommend her to anyone . You are lucky if she takes your case and fortunate to have her as your advocate. She truly is one of a kind.

- (5 star review)

she is the most trustworty attorney In Texas!!

I initially came to Mrs. Weatherspoon in 2011. I was in a very difficult situation that required an attorney that was well versed in family law. Mrs. Weatherspoon looked at my case and was very honest with me. One thing that I respect is that sometimes things happen in your case that you simple do not want to hear, but it is necessary to hear and understand all the reason behind. Mrs. Weatherspoon has bee completely upfront and honest about everything that is going on in my case ( even if it was difficult to hear). In my personal belief someone who has enough to respect to be honest with you, and stand by your side and fight with everything she has is a wonderful attorney. I believe Mrs. Weatherspoon is very fair with her fees that she charges to her clients. I mean lets be honest people we are talking about the legal system a good attorney is not free. From the previous reviews I have read it sounds like people want free legal and when they are billed for what they have asked for they want to complain…. This is not pizza hut and making complaint will not get you a free attorney. You are asking for someone who has spent years in school to be able to provide a service for people in their community, and yes you are going to have to pay, just like if you want a car you have to pay for it. For instance, their is an individual who wrote a horrible thing about Mrs. Weathespoon, my advice to you Is, grow up!!!! It sounds as if your “current” case is a ridiculous mess, and I would put money on the fact that Mrs. Weatherpoon did not create whatever mess your life is in. Take some responsibility for yourself… Maybe say “gosh I have gotten my life messed up” on it. The simple fact that you want to turn her in to the bar, ohhhhhh wait a minute… The fact that You still ask her to represent you in court says the issue is truly within yourself and whatever mess you have turned your life into and I pray children are not involved. With that said Ginger Ann Weatherspoon, Attorney at law is an amazing attorney and she will fight for you no matter the situation. I am extremely proud to have her on my side. She is a good person and that portrays into her legal practice.

- (5 star review)

I Like Ginger

Ginger is different. She isn’t your cookie cutter attorney. She is experienced and thinks outside the box. She is also a problem solver. I have consulted with many lawyers and no one was as assertive and strong as Ginger (without lacking compassion). Most lawyers are cold and business-oriented. Ginger isn’t business oriented – she’s different. I’d rather have a friend on my side than a CEO…

I’m surprised with the negative reviews.. she may not be punctual but neither is the judge. She may be hard to reach, but all lawyers operating solo will be out of pocket often for court hearings. She responds on time, but not at the exact time that I’m trying to reach her.

I’d rather hire a private office than a larger network of lawyers.

- (4 star review)

Grateful For Representation by Ms. Weatherspoon by an actual client

Our first interaction with Ms. Weatherspoon was after months of researching and interviewing over 15 different family law attorneys. She came to us via a reference by a well respected individual. My initial meeting was spent over 1 1/2 hours speaking with Ms. Weatherspoon regarding our case which at this point had already hit the news channels during a very turbulent time for an organization which had received much negative publicity regarding the lack of their job performance. Our case was not going to be an open and shut case. In fact, we had several attorneys tell us they could not help us because it would be a losing fight and one in which they did not want to go up against this particular organization. Ms. Weatherspoon did not make any false promises about our case but instead said she would review everything and would give us an honest answer if she could help. After a few days we received word back from Ms. Weatherspoon that she would like to help our family. At no time was finances the main focus of Ms. Weatherspoon. She graciously worked with us in terms of being able to pay our retainer fee and that was only billed once our case was well under way. One of the things we admired most about her is her complete honesty. When it came time to discuss our options Ms. Weatherspoon explained in great detail what we were looking at. While I am college educated, all those legal terms seemed like a foreign language to me so I was constantly asking for clarification. Ms. Weatherspoon never made me feel inferior or like an inconvenience. During our case Ms. Weatherspoon opened my eyes as to the depth of work that goes into a case such as ours. Not ONE SINGLE time was Ms. Weatherspoon not available to me to answer a question or update us as to the status of our case!! Did she personally answer the phone every single time I called? No! Nor did I think she would. She was working and I was not her only client. Whomever assumes she is to answer every time and call back within minutes is so living in an unrealistic world. The amount of dedication she and her staff had to our case literally left me feeling as if I was her only priority. They were so amazing with their work!! Our case ended up taking a different route than we had initially planned and that was due in NO part to Ms. Weatherspoon!! In fact, Ms. Weatherspoon once again outlined three options for us and promised us that whichever we would choose she would stand 100% behind. My husband and I ended up making the very difficult decision to close our case and instead of Ms. Weatherspoon shooting off a bill for her services she offered her complete understanding and support. She could have easily told us to we needed to do xyz therefore ensuring payment by us for what was guaranteed to be a very lengthly and costly battle but instead was truthful. My husband and I will and already have offered Ms. Weatherspoon’s name to others based upon her knowledge, work ethic, and dedication to her clients. Ms. Weatherspoon is very real and focused on her clients rather than what image she portrays to the public. That alone is a priceless characteristic not many in the legal profession can claim. We feel that we received professional services from Ms. Weatherspoon with a extremely caring attitude.
While reading the negative reviews left by some of the supposable clients of Ms. Weatherspoon’s law firm, I am not all convinced these individuals are real and if they are they certainly are not disclosing the full details of their interaction with Ms. Weatherspoon and her staff. The consistency and thoroughness of the staff speaks volumes.
If you are in need of legal services we would absolutely recommend you retain the services of Ms. Weatherspoon and her staff. We would also encourage you to take time to meet with Ms. Weatherspoon and her staff in order to discern if your case would best be served by retaining her legal services.

- (5 star review)

One of a Kind Highly Recommended

I’m honestly puzzled by the negative reviews I’ve seen. Ginger was a Godsend to my family. In a very difficult to navigate system she is a fighter that thinks outside of the box and believes in justice. I’m so thankful someone recommended we meet with Ginger after we had to fire other attorney’s. I will agree she sometimes doesn’t get back with me right away and it’s always her assistant that answers but I am not her only case and it was the same way with multiple other attorneys that were not fighting like she does. If the matter is truly urgent she does return the call or at least have her assistant call back with a response in her place in a timely manner. She is knowledgeable and works hard to represent her clients and has done an outstanding job for us and I will never recommend anyone else.

- (5 star review)

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