Ginger Ann Weatherspoon

When she graduated from law school in 2005, Attorney Ginger Ann Weatherspoon had already proven which issues she thinks is important.  One of her major focuses was on Constitutional Law, and she is a Certified Mediator.  She was a Moot Court winner during her first year of law school, already proving her skills as  someone who could analyze and argue a case.

She has been operating her own law firm for eight years, and has a proven track record of ethics and passion.  Unlike most attorneys, Hurst Attorney Ginger Ann Weatherspoon thinks outside the box, finding creative solutions to problems.  She has proven herself successful because she is willing to navigate the often-complicated legal system and work with every client honestly and fairly.

Family Law

The main focus at The Weatherspoon Law Firm is family law, and Hurst Attorney Ginger Ann Weatherspoon has experience in many issues.  She has represented parties on both sides of divorce and custody disputes, and is willing to argue her case in court without hesitation.  She also has represented many clients at the administrative hearings which are conducted by The Office of The Attorney General of Texas.

Hurst Attorney Ginger Ann Weatherspoon

Attorney Ginger Ann Weatherspoon has extensive experience challenging DNA orders, and in-depth knowledge of the issues around DNA orders.   She has also successfully challenged defective pleadings and prior orders.  She has even challenged appellate orders, which are above the trial court level.  Whatever the case, Attorney Ginger Ann Weatherspoon will fight to make sure the system treats you fairly.

Contempt Actions

Hurst Attorney Ginger Ann Weatherspoon has experience with many kinds of contempt actions, successfully arguing for her clients who have been accused of contempt and who have been served with protective orders.  She has also personally filed a Bills of Review and emergency habeas corpus, when her clients needed extraordinary help.

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Hurst Attorney Ginger Ann Weatherspoon has focused her legal career around providing ethical, honest representation.  From her start in law school, she has proven her abilities in analysis, mediation and litigation.  While Attorney Ginger Ann Weatherspoon is based in Hurst, she takes cases in surrounding areas too.  If you are in the Dallas or Ft Worth area, give The Weatherspoon Law Firm a call today for a free consultation.

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